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I found the seminar very informative. Things I had not known were clearly explained. I want my daughter to come to this. I appreciate all the information. Thank you.

Never before heard such great info on y body and what is causing my pain! I look forward to changing my life!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I(am) really happy that I did come to the seminar, a lot (of) information and (I) realize that I need to take care of myself. Thanks Dr Tony, and God bless you.

Dr Tony Ganem’s seminar was very informative, it got down to the point of all health problems as we as weight issues, and gave simple solutions to improving.

Dr Tony, Thank you so much for your easy to understand, complete explanation of how were supposed to function “healthy”! And what happens when we don’t. God bless you for all you’re doing for us – God’s kids. Will share those I know @ Harvest how amazing this opportunity is.

Dr Tony the seminar was very interesting and informative.

I was greatly encouraged and hopeful that there is help to my weight. A very informative seminar. He seems to have answered a prayer!
-KK 8/06/2011

Lots of great science info and no high pressure sales!

Great information, well worth commuting! So glad I am starting this program! I feel not finally on the right track! I have some much needed hope now thanks to Dr Tony. I look forward to his guidance for a happier and healthier tomorrow!

Dr Tony Ganem takes the time to explain in clear and simple terms how our bodies breakdown fats and sugars and what happens when our bodies are not functioning well. The seminar is very informative and in a friendly environment.

Dr Tony has a simple and easy way to understand how nutrition and wellness can correct your body, relative to the way it works and functions. Simply an outstanding seminar!

This is a Christian influence to life, health and moments in time to make a difference in your health and future. You will experience physiology, & science of your body and knowledge to help you understand your body and an opportunity to make a difference choice.

This seminar was very informative and educational. It helps one understand the potential real issues regarding heath and wellness and also fat loss. You can hear and see Dr Ganem, heart for God and his passion for serving God by serving his patients. This is life changing and life enhancing. Thank you Dr Ganem, for your heart for God.

Great information presented in an easy & free way. Thank you Dr Tony.
-ES 7/25/2011

Very informative. I think everyone could benefit from this seminar.

This seminar will change the way you think about your heath if you pay attention. Its up to you if you want to be the best you can be for God.

Fat loss does not equal health, and losing weight doesn’t mean I am really healthy.

At Dr. Tony Ganem’s Seminar a two hour seminar was very helpful to me in understanding how our body works together to heal itself because of the loving God that we have. I thank Dr. Tony for his time, his gift, his talent that God has given him to help other s and myself. God Bless you and your staff.

I didn’t expect to hear what was brought out in this seminar but what I heard was informative. It gave me something to look at other than diet and exercise to lose weight.

The seminar was awesome, first of all Dr. Ganem talks and refers to God. He also gave me so much information and hope. He answered all the questions we had. My husband and I are definitely making an appointment to see Dr. Ganem and will tell people about this seminar. Thank you, God bless.

Great Seminar, very informative, packed full of pertinent information that I had not known before. Highly recommend! kW Very informative, especially its God based!

Dr. Tony teaches you how to get your body healthy on a cellular level. If I can make one cell healthy I can make 100 Trillion cells healthy. This makes since to me. Thank you Tony.

After being frustrated with my doctors treatments plan and the side effects of the meds they put me on, I turned to Dr. Tony to bring God and his design into my health. Dr. Tony has educated me and motivated me to look at holistic and natural care. Dr. Tony’s program has been a blessing in my life.

I see myself in many of the illustrations he used and know that there is a lot of issues going on with me and know that I need some more information and tests to find out solutions.

Dr Tony is a scientist who is comfortable with God. He puts focus on how to be healthy. I was one who was concerned about being over weight. After having this presentation, I came away with an entire new focus on what I need to do with the rest of my life in order to become healthier.

This was (a) very good class, a lot of information. Dr Tony is wonderful and has a lot of information that will help us to lose weight. Thank you for this information.
-Claudia M.

Great Seminar & very informative!
-Erick C.

Very good information, very nuts & bolts and easy to understand a real expansive view into the inner workings of the body’s hormones! Highly recommend to anybody that wants to take control & responsibility for your own health!
-Hector B.

Very informative seminar, taught me in order to loose weight you must be healthy.
-Jesse C.

I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very informed. You won’t regret it! It’s worth your time.
-Claudia C.

This seminar I’ve heard on K-Wave for several years. Finally decided to come with a girlfriend. Couldn’t believe that this seminar was so informative and Dr Tony Ganem has a true concern on helping people come to that place of having good health. Using info that we don’t hear by our medical doctors, but it’s how God has designed us to work and he has given the right foods to nourish our bodies to get to that healthy place if we choose to eat then sleep right and balance our exercise.
-George K.

I accompanied a friend to support her and thought it was just another “diet program”. I was delighted to learn it was an approach to my taking control of my own health through matures way and as God intended. Thank you Dr Ganem.
-Elaine L.

This is not your typical seminar, trying to sell you on a product or mislead you in any way. Instead it is well worth the time, very educating and detail oriented. You will definitely not be disappointed. You will be surprised to find out & learn things you never knew, even about your self!
-LouEllen W.

I have heard your ad on K-Wave for years and now when my health is declining, I made an effort to come bringing 2 of my friends. Boy, I sure am glad I finally did it! I have been to a lot of do doctors in the last year and none of them game me the answers I got in your seminar. It’s not about weight, it about health… what a mind shift. Thank, you gave me hope that I can get healthy when the doctors have given up!
-Cherie H.

I listen to KWave all the time and have heard Dr. Tony’s ad for about 2 years now. I think Dr. Tony is amazing and is a good source of positive information for my wife and myself. I’m very happy I came today and I’m looking forward to a new us.
-Warren A.

Years of taking care of my widowed mother with health issues: heart bypass patient, diabetes, tumor, angina, Alzheimer’s…then having to add my husband’s elderly aging parents to my daily schedule as well, destroyed my health and added weight to my basically thin body. No matter how little or how much I ate I kept putting on about 10 ponds per month. Traditional doctors and tests were unable to help me. In prayer the Lord revealed: low thyroid, adrenal problems, hormonal imbalances, and liver problems (niacin for poor circulation). Only natural methods have helped me so this seminar makes sense and I am looking at it as an answer to finally get well. Praise God!
-Peggy H.

I think the presentation was very informed concerning what was going on in my body regarding my high blood sugar. I want healthy body so I can be a witness to others that God wants us healthy.
-Joyce L.

I came in expecting to hear about exercise and eating habits. Instead I learned about how our body functions, and how Dr Ganem helps you to heal holistically, which is how I believe our bodies should be able to heal them selves.
-Liz P.

Very informative presentation, I didn’t know health was such a complex subject. Dr Ganem presented information in a concise, easy to understand manner.
-Steven N.

I was invited by a friend to attend this seminar on weight loss. Instead I received very valuable information on how I can get healthy. I have not been satisfied with the medication approach to health problems. This seminar provided great info on how my body work and what I can do to optimize my body for a better life.
- Carmen L.

I learned a lot about the body and how it works!
- Sherry P.

II was very glad I chose to attend the seminar with Dr. Tony Ganem. He is very personable and he presented the information in a relatively easy understandable way, diagrams etc. The 2 ½ hours went by very quickly.
-Darci R.

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Amazed At Results??

By Amy - Jul 14, 2010

I'm amazed at the results I've achieved in such a short period of time. Dr. Tony tailored a plan to specifically meet my health needs. My pain has greatly decreased and I have lost weight...two things I had just about given up on. I love the encouragement I get from Dr. Tony. I highly recommend BodyPro Wellness Center to anyone who needs to get healthy and feel better! The staff at BodyPro is compassionate, knowledgable and friendly. Go to one of Dr. Tony's may be the answer you are looking for!?

Look No Further??

By Kimberley - Jul 13, 2010

I have never written a review before but after my experience at Body Pro Wellness Center I cannot hold back! From the moment I stepped into the office I was impressed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Tony really listened as I explained my unique situation and made every effort to ease my anxiety. He created a specific plan just for my situation and him and his staff kept me well informed throughout the entire process. I did not feel like a patient, I felt like a member of his family...and I am thrilled to say that I am now living a healthy and pain free life!?

Answer to prayer!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By KiKi – Apr 26, 2010

I've been praying for an answer to the health issues I've been having! Dr. Tony and BodyPro Wellness are that answer! The information they provide is LIFE CHANGING! I'm in 100%!

Stop Searching!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Michael – Mar 14, 2010

I doubt I have ever given a higher recommendation nor felt more strongly about it. If you are looking for someone you can trust for exceptional [wellness] care, a revolutionary approach to weight loss, or any of the other services BodyPro provides, this is the place for you! Dr. Tony is absolutely gifted, and he and his staff are both highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Beyond those things, expect to be treated with care, with compassion and with respect. If indeed you are searching, stop! You found the right place!

BodyPro VERY Wellness Center

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Timothy – Mar 11, 2010

I would like to take the time to recommend to everbody the services of BodyPro Wellness Center. The weight loss program Dr. Tony has put together has really helped me change my life! I especially like his unique approach of tailoring an effective treatment plan based upon my unique phyisiological needs. With BodyPro, it was not so much about weight loss as it was about health gain! t.a.g.

Dr. Tony of Body Pro to the Rescue!!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Heather Brooks – Feb 21, 2010

When I arrived at Body Pro’s door a few months ago, I was sick & tired, overweight, depressed, had back pain and hot flashes. Now, all that has changed. My family and friends can’t get over the NEW me that has emerged! The only thing flashy is my 20 pound weight loss, no pain, happy and energetic! I thank God for Dr. Tony and Body Pro!!! Heather

Dr Scott & BodyPro The Best!!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Marla – Feb 16, 2010

So much about my life has changed since I started coming to body pro… my health and family life and spiritual life.. feels like i have had a total overhaul. I would recommend them to anyone. Marla

Full Recovery after Sports Injury!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By DH – Feb 9, 2010

I had been having neck pain for years after a sport accident. I even tried electrical pulse therapy. After I started treatment at BodyPro my neck feels great!! I have been a patient here for four years and continue to enjoy a pain free life. My entire family are now patients! The office is comfortable, relaxing and professional! DH

Pain Free! and Looking good!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By RW – Jan 22, 2010

At the BodyPro Wellness Center it is a positive freindly atmosphere. I finally got intelligent information on how to bring good health into my life. They helped to rid my body of pain and perscription drugs. I am a 66 year old woman, I have lost 33 lbs in four months by using good nutrition and healing ways for my body, I have learned from Dr Tony Ganem and his staff. I have more energy, sleep better, in less pain and less stress than I’ve had in 15 years- and my friends say I look younger without the extra weight. Thank you Dr Tony and Staff!! —-RW